Artist presentation:

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Katja Härkki (born in 1969, Helsinki) is a visual artist and painter living and working in Lahti. She has graduated as a designer and Master of Arts in 1997 from Helsinki University of Art and Design. Later, she has also graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences with Degree Programme in Fine Arts in 2014 as a painter.                              

Härkki´s art explores what it is to be a woman and her identity here and now. Also, other interesting subjects are human, body, humanity, nature, and how we see ourselves in universal time. For Härkki, art is to playing games, a process and way to communicate with others. Her art explores the dialogue between form and content, between you and me. The point of view depends on the art practice if the artwork is painting or video. "In my art, I strive to awaken the viewer's feelings to a level of awareness. And I hope that my art convey to the viewer the energy and power to deal with the emotions and needs that come to the surface." 

Härkki´s paintings are condensed situations, almost like intimate staging´s. They include dreamlike, chancing moments, like memories in time. In them, time and place overlap one another, simultaneously hiding and revealing. She wants to understand her world and herself through painting process. "Only the journey to my own mind and turning the images into more concrete visual presentations can help me on my way."                 

"When I begin to work, I embark a journey of discovery to a strange landscape, an unnamed state of experience. I start to spread a kind of colorful poetry, which is full of meaning. The paint I use in my work becomes the subject itself. Colors that glows on the skin dance with an erotic charge. The potential for decadence is shown in the positioning of women's bodies, in broken brush strokes, and feelings of emptiness, transience and joy."

Alongside with painting, Härkki has found the short video art form of Tik Tok in which, as an artist, she is performing in front of her paintings to her audience. I might say an anecdote about life, my art or or for example I recite a poem or a quote. In that way, she wants to encourage viewer to live a courageous life and to find their own creativeness. "You need to be brave to reach out your dreams and your resources that are hidden."