visual artist/painter
studio: Askonkatu 9, 15100 Lahti

Katja Härkki (born 1969, Helsinki) is a visual artist and painter living and working in Kyröskoski and Lahti. He graduated as a designer and Master of Arts in 1997 from Helsinki University of Art and Design Helsinki and also she graduated from the Lahti Institute of Art in 2014 as a painter. Härkki's works are mainly oil and acrylic paintings. In it, he deals with the relationship of man to nature and his history, human relations, and the sensory experience and perceptions of man. Her paintings are based on expressive brush strokes and thick paint. They comment on the world around them by making it visible to the viewer to perceive, feel and experience. In addition, they can help us strengthen our relationship with nature and ourselves.

Härkki's works: In the collections of the Tampere Art Museum and the City of Tampere, and at the HUS Art Collections at the Jorvi Children's Hospital in Espoo. Härkki is a member of the Tampere Artists' Association, the Lahti Artists' Association and the Finnish Painters' Association.


My art explores what it is to be a woman and my identity here and now, in universal time. It is a game, a process. My paintings explore the dialogue between form and content. The paint I use in my work becomes the subject itself. The colours that glow on the skin dance with an erotic charge. The potential for decadence is shown in the positioning of women's bodies, in broken brush strokes, and feelings of emptiness, transience and joy. 

My paintings are condensed situations, intimate stagings. They include dreamlike, chance moments, like memories in time. In them, time and place overlap one another, simultaneously hiding and revealing. My paintings are not set in reality, but instead relate to my desires. I want to understand my world and myself through my painting process. Only the journey to my own mind and turning the images it reflects into more concrete, visual presentations can help me on my way.

"A river is life and death, rippling and flowing, full of endless time, unpredictable, larger than life." Initial visions are imprinted on my memory. And those visions invite me to grab onto them and capture them in paint on canvas. When I begin to work, I embark on a journey of discovery to a strange landscape, an unnamed state of experience. It is then that I paint a kind of colourful poetry, which is full of meaning despite lacking words.



Katja Härkki (syntynyt 1969, Helsinki) on Kyröskoskella ja Lahdessa asuva ja työskentelevä kuvataiteilija ja taidemaalari. Hän on valmistunut muotoilijaksi ja Taiteiden Maisteriksi vuonna 1997 Taideteollisesta Korkeakoulusta Helsingistä. Vuonna 2014 Lahden Taideinstituutista kuvataiteilijaksi valmistuneen Härkin teokset ovat etupäässä öljy- ja akryylimaalauksia. Niissä hän käsittelee ihmisen suhdetta luontoon ja historiaansa, ihmissuhteita sekä ihmisen aistimellista kokemista ja havaintoja. Hänen maalauksensa syntyvät ekspressiivisistä siveltimen vedoista ja paksusta maalista. Ne kommentoivat ympäröivää maailmaa tekemällä sen näkyväksi katsojan havaita, tuntea ja kokea. Lisäksi ne voivat auttaa meitä voimistamaan suhdettamme luontoon ja itseemme.

Katja Härkin töitä on mm. Tampereen taidemuseon ja Tampereen kaupungin kokoelmissa sekä HUS:n taidekokoelmissa Jorvin lastensairaalassa Espoossa. Härkki on Tampereen taiteilijaseuran, Lahden taiteilijaseuran ja Taidemaalariliiton jäsen.