The Paradise / Paratiisi

Keskusgalleria, Tampere

30.5. -15.6.2024

Kyttälänkatu 11, 33100 Tampere

ti - ke 11.00-17.00
to 11.00-18.00
pe 11.00-17.00
la 11.00-15.00

Sun-Worshippers, 2024, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm.

I Will Protect You, 2024, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 110 cm.

"When I begin to work, I embark on a journey of discovery to a strange landscape, an unnamed state of experience. I started to spread a kind of colorful poetry full of meaning. The paint I use in my work becomes the subject itself. Colors that glow on the skin dance with an erotic charge. The potential for decadence is shown in the positioning of women's bodies, in broken brush strokes, and feelings of emptiness, transience, and joy."

"When I paint, I enjoy moving between abstraction and representation, where I strive for suggestiveness and airiness."

My paintings are condensed situations - just like stage settings.

In my paintings, people, time, and place intertwine, hiding and revealing at the same time. The possibility of decadence is shown in the positions of the bodies as broken brushstrokes, and feelings of emptiness, transience, and joy. There is an erotic charge in the glowing colors of the skin. By painting, I explore the essence of humanity - how I see and experience it as a person, woman, and visual artist. The physicality and erotic charge, always accompanied by the decadent drama of beauty and transience, connection, and separation fascinate me. The decorative diversity and mystery of nature inspire. In my paintings, I try to create tensions and connections between these subjects.

In the painting process, the paint I work with becomes the subject itself, creating a dreamlike world of surrealism and play. In it, the movement of the paint, the colors, the subject's content, and form dialogue with each other within the work, creating atmosphere and meaning. When I paint, I aim for a suggestive expression and I only aim for the essential. More important than pictorial representation is the quick capture of the blink of an eye.

In the expression of my paintings, strong movement arises from expressive brushstrokes and thick paint. With my art, I strive to awaken my own and the viewer's feelings to a level of consciousness where they can be found to be processed. I think that recognizing one's own feelings and thoughts is an important impetus to action, which may lead to an interesting and braver life - a change or the realization of something new.