Artist Statement

Finnish painter

I am living in the heart of the most beautiful Southern Finnish nature ambiance where lakes and forest meet. The diversity of nature and its calm beauty make me see and create it in front of me with colour full brushstrokes. It is something very poetic and dreamlike that I feel and understand. I am an observer. I paint about visions and mirroring them to two-dimensional surfaces with colours.

I would describe my paintings as dreamlike and lyrical visions. They are combinations of direct observation and traces imprinted on my mind. In my paintings, I often deal with our temporal and physical experiences, and the human relationship with nature and history. A moving natural experience or snapshot from the world of social media may present itself to me as a fascinating observation. That experience might sparks intuition and energy in me. My paintings provide commentary on the surrounding world, and through them I aim to make the world more visible for the viewer to perceive, feel, and experience. They also challenge the viewer to reflect on their own relationship with nature.